Inline editing using ng-table

I was working on an enterprise application that needed table in-line editing. I thought why engineer something from scratch when we can use something that's already out there.

After doing some looking around ng-table was the preferred option. It supported sorting, filtering etc which were required functionalities but it didn't mention anything about in-line editing. So I started looking at the API on my own.

I noticed that the API supports loading data using the "NgTableParams" and I used this service to control the view.

Instead of blabbering on I will let the code do the talking. The sample code is hosted in the following GitHub url

The code supports the following

  • Adding new items with validation

  • Editing existing items with validation

  • Deleting items with confirmation

  • Undo add, edit and delete


  1. Hi, I just want to ask. For example, the First Name is editable but the Last Name can not edit. Is it possible?


  2. Editing after you let your written work "rest" enables you to see your work through new eyes.postscrib


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