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Hello SMB, bye bye OMV

In this post I'm going to talk about why and how I moved my Open Media Vault Network Attached Storage system to my Ubuntu server. In my previous posts I talked about my OMV NAS. In my NAS I have the following things set up. SMB shares that can be accessed by both Windows and Linux machines Custom user permissions Automated backups Metrics and logging In an attempt to be more frugal I'm trying to reduce the number of servers in my home lab. So lets talk through the process of moving this setup from OMV to Ubuntu. What's involved,  Mounting multiple USB hard disks to the same location between reboots Creating samba shares in Ubuntu server Setting up SMB in windows client machines Automated backups using rsync and cron Metrics and logging Mounting USB drives permanently As mentioned before I'm using 3 USB hard drives for storage and backup. These USB drives needs to be mounted to the same location all the time because the SMB shares and the r