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Handling Time Zone across from UI to DB

So I thought about writing a bit about handling date variables across WebAPI to Angular. The Problem When saving date / datetime values sent from the front end how do we keep the timezone information and how do we show them back on the UI. For example let's say you use a simple online note taking application. You wrote a note 8 am in the morning when you were in WA. Now you are looking at your notes from Vic and what time do you want the note to show as the created date/time ? Well I can't tell you what time you should show as it's a business case but I can tell you how to store the time information so that regardless of what time you need to show, you can achieve that. The Solution Code on GitHub What the code demos...... On the WebAPI side You can store the date time values in 2 ways As UTC values in a DateTime variable in SQL Server In a DateTimeOffset variable in SQL server with