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How AngularJS let me down !!!

This all started when I was asked to build a simple website for a startup food blog. When I initially thought down on the architecture there was nothing much to decide on. The requirement was to have a simple page with some images, recipes that can be maintained easily and edited frequently. If this requirement was given to a consultancy organization I'm pretty sure they would start it with a CMS without a second thought. Well then again they didn't ask a consultancy organization. They asked me. So me being not very fond of CMS systems I decided to go down on the AngularJS path which I am already accustomed to.  I was able to get the site hosted within days. I had a nice json data repository set up for the client to work with. Everything was going smoothly until I was asked this question. Why aren't my links working in social media sites as they should be?? !!!!!!! So here goes the OMG moment. None of the social media crawlers liked the javascript in my pages. So