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How I used Udev with systemd to configure an AIO water cooler in Linux

 Let me start by telling a little bit of the back story. Recently I build a mini ITX desktop PC to help me with my more resource intensive programming work. I used a all in one liquid cooler in this PC. ( Kraken X63 ). Setting something like this in Windows is quite straight forward, not so much in Linux. In this article I will detail what I did to get it working the way I wanted.  First problem to solve was to find a driver/controller software for the cooler, that works in Linux. These coolers come with only windows driver/controller software with no official Linux support. Thanks to the awesome open source community there is a cross platform tool that I can use to talk to the API of the liquid cooler which is called liquidctl . To be more specific I had to use an experimental branch of this tool that supported the API version of my hardware.  Installation is quite straight forward. My preferred Linux distro is Arch . I used an already ported AUR repository of the mainline and switch