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Nextcloud and PHP8

  PHP8 broke my Nextcloud instance !!! I run a Nextcloud instance on a self hosted Arch  linux server. Arch linux because I like the challenge 😁. Nextcloud due to privacy reasons. Recently Arch upgraded all php packages to php8 . Nextcloud 20.x, the version I'm using currently can't work on php8 thus my instance went offline. In this article I'm gonna describe how I managed to fix this issue. I run timeshift in my server via the cli. So I could have downgraded the php version. That would mean I would have to refrain from updating php and risk zero day vulnerabilities. That would nullify the whole purpose of running a self hosted Nextcloud instance for my sensitive data. Instead I went with dual php versions. I run php-fpm with Apache in my server so now I have to figure out how to run Fast CGI process manager with 2 php versions in the same Apache server. If you are thinking "well you are a SDE and you should know it", let me start by saying I neither use PHP