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Nextcloud and PHP8

  PHP8 broke my Nextcloud instance !!! I run a Nextcloud instance on a self hosted Arch  linux server. Arch linux because I like the challenge 😁. Nextcloud due to privacy reasons. Recently Arch upgraded all php packages to php8 . Nextcloud 20.x, the version I'm using currently can't work on php8 thus my instance went offline. In this article I'm gonna describe how I managed to fix this issue. I run timeshift in my server via the cli. So I could have downgraded the php version. That would mean I would have to refrain from updating php and risk zero day vulnerabilities. That would nullify the whole purpose of running a self hosted Nextcloud instance for my sensitive data. Instead I went with dual php versions. I run php-fpm with Apache in my server so now I have to figure out how to run Fast CGI process manager with 2 php versions in the same Apache server. If you are thinking "well you are a SDE and you should know it", let me start by saying I neither use PHP

Minimalist Static Website

 I wanted to build a minimalistic static website as the root of my domain. I have designed and built countless web applications using modern frameworks but nothing this simple. I wanted to use the least amount of tooling and keep things as simple as they can be. What I wanted to achieve was, A simple website as the root of my domain.  Needs to be mobile first and fully responsive. Modern design. Should work reasonably well with at least 80% of current web browser versions (caniuse) This needs to load as fast as it can without any bloat. The purpose of this root website is to direct the users into my various projects and articles. This will be hosted on my home server. So every byte, every style, every transformation counts. My first approach was to find a boilerplate. I was not able to find anything to my liking so I decided to start from scratch. What I used, Module bundler loader: webpack JS compiler: Babel CSS preprocessor: Dart Sass Design / UX : Material Design The code I'm di